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You may find the answers to commonly asked questions below, categorized by the order process. If further information is needed, our staff is available Mon-Fri.

We accept all major credit and debit cards through the most trusted and completely encrypted STRIPE payment processing software. We do not save any credit card information nor can we keep cards “on file”. Bank wire transfers may be completed, if requested by the customer.

Credit card authorization is needed to initiate your order, your card will never be charged until your order is fully processed on our end, which may take ONE to THREE business days . It may state PENDING on your credit card while we process your order. Please note we operate Mon-Fri Pacific time 9AM-5PM. If you order late in the day your order may be processed the following business day, please be patient.

Please note you have 12 hours to cancel an order with no penalties, contact us immediately if you wish to proceed with the cancellation. After 12 hours the items may be packed and perhaps in route to your destination, therefore fees will apply to either restock the items or have the freight company deliver them back to our warehouse. In the case items have indeed left the warehouse and you still want to cancel, we will charge you a fee the freight company charges us to bring the items back plus a 20% restock fee, 20% of the total amount of items you wish to return. WHEN PAYMENT IS INITIATED, YOU AGREE TO ALL TERMS, CONDITIONS AND POLICIES LISTED ON OUR WEBSITE.

Your ready to assemble cabinets will ship from one of our warehouses in approximately 5 to 7 business days, after 1-3 days of processing. If you ordered sample doors, those will ship in 1-3 business days.

Depending on the warehouse your items have shipped from and the freight schedule it usually takes 5-10 business days for the order to arrive at a terminal that is in your area. Once arrived, the freight company will contact you for your preferred delivery time, please be sure to pick a time that you certainly know you will be present. All shipping details will be provided in an e-mail once your order leaves our warehouse, please read it carefully.

If there is an out of stock item our team will directly contact you prior to proceeding with your order. You have choices!

A) Ship all in-stock items and ship the out of stock item(s) once available. We are very considerate of these situations and will take care of the back order shipping if the lead time is more than 4 weeks for the missing items.
B) Wait until all items are in and ship all as a complete package. 
C) Cancel the out of stock items from your order. 
D) You also have the option to switch the out of stock items for something that is in stock, for example, switch a regular 30 inch wide base cabinet for one of the same size but with drawers. 

We offer sample cabinet doors with standard UPS shipping. These items usually ship 1-3 days after your order has been placed. If you choose ABCabinetry, the cost of samples may be refunded on your kitchen or bath cabinetry purchase. The shipping fee for sample doors will not be refunded.

Please make sure you or someone 18 years or older is present to accept the cabinet order. The ready to assemble cabinets are solid and heavy, we recommend two people present at the time of delivery. The freight company will make one attempt to deliver the order, if for any reason they cannot, you may be responsible for added delivery fees proposed by them. If you need the order ASAP, please contact the freight company with the tracking number we provide, doing this will ensure a quicker delivery.

Ensure you have a dry and accessible area to accept the order. The freight company will not deliver the items inside the house, they will however deliver them to a garage if it is easily accessible. If your delivery area is not easily accessed by a semi truck (in most cases box truck) the driver may have to unload your order curbside, you will be responsible for moving the items to your desired location.

If the order is sizable, the freight personnel MAY ask for your help unloading the order, please be considerate in these situations. Please note most boxes are 50-100 pounds. The freight company will not unbox your order or bring it into your home, that is your responsibility. 

Prior to freight personnel departure inspect the order and ensure it is yours, if any faults arise such as damage to the exterior of the boxes note this on the drivers shipping slip and make sure they are aware, take a copy of the shipping slip and take any pictures of the pallet accordingly. Do not refuse the package for any reason unless it is not YOUR cabinets, even if visible damage is obvious. The cabinets are reinforced inside with foam, even if visible damage is seen, it does not mean the interior is damaged.

Signing the delivery receipt ensures all your items are in satisfactory condition and your order is complete. If something is noticeably damaged upon unboxing please view RETURNS category on how to file a damage claim with ABCabinetry.

Your promised $299 flat rate shipping is applicable in the continental United States long as your place of delivery can be accessed “normally” by a semi truck. ABCabinetry is not liable for shipping that may take longer due to unforeseen weather conditions and national holidays. In most cases shipping takes about 7 business days to arrive in an area near you, at which point you will be contacted by the freight company to schedule a drop off period. ABCabinetry ships our items using FedEx, National Freight Carriers, UPS and etc., we are in no way affiliated with these companies. 

At ABCabinetry we own all of our mistakes, we strive for excellence but mistakes may happen. If we sent you the wrong sizes or a wrong color of cabinetry please contact us immediately. Our staff will investigate the issue and if we are indeed at fault you will get your correct items shipped to you on us, your return of the incorrect item will also be on us!

Please go through your whole order and assemble the cabinets. If in the process you notice any damages that undermine the strength and durability of the cabinet, along with defects that are visible to the eye when installed, please stop. Take a picture of the specific item, write down which part is damaged and on which cabinet the damage has taken place. For example (R side panel on SW-B12 cabinet). Continue your assembly process of all other cabinets.

At the end, write us an e-mail that includes (name the order was processed under, pictures of damaged items, specific parts and quantities of items that need replacement.) We will write back to confirm the replacement needs and send the final list to the warehouse for packing. Your replacements should ship 5-7 business days after the claim has been processed.

If you have made a mistake in measurements or any other component of your order please contact us. You may return and swap sizes or colors. Our customer service staff will let you know which address to send your originally boxed and undamaged items to. Please do not send any items back until you have contacted us and we provide you with an address.

You will be responsible for the return shipping along with a 10% restocking fee, 10% of total amount for the items you wish to return or exchange, you will receive your refund after our staff inspects the items for damage. Note in some cases refunds may not appear on your card until 5-15 days after you’ve returned the item.

At ABCabinetry we own all of our mistakes, we strive for excellence but mistakes may happen. If we sent you the wrong sizes or a wrong color of cabinetry please contact us immediately. Our staff will investigate the issue and if we are indeed at fault you will get your correct items shipped to you on us, your return of the incorrect item will also be on us!

Our RTA cabinetry comes with a warranty that covers manufacturing defects, we also take care of any damages that may have occurred during shipping upon proper documentation.

Our cabinets do not come assembled, they will however include screws, L brackets etc. All cabinetry will come with instructions on how to assemble, you will also be provided with YouTube videos that show step by step assembly*. Each cabinet takes 15-45 min. to assemble approximately, two people are advisable for the assembly process. All you will need is a few basic tools to assemble our RTA cabinets. For a more detailed description of tools needed please visit our assembly page.

If you cannot navigate our site or do not have the time, we certainly can place an order for you. Together we would finalize a list of items you need and simply call when we are ready for billing and shipping addresses, basic info and payment method. Please note when we place an order on your behalf you agree to all terms and conditions, we are not liable for any mistakes that may be on your finalized cabinet list. Mistakes usually do not happen during the ordering process, please double check your final list prior to having us order for you.

ABCabinetry headquarters is in Seattle, WA. We ship from several warehouses located in Seattle, Los Angeles, Dallas and Orlando in order to keep your $299 flat rate shipping possible.

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