Where to start?

If your new cabinets will be the same size as your current ones and you’re keeping the same layout, measure those and proceed with choosing the correct products in our online shop. If you have a layout sketch done, send it to us and we can let you know exactly which cabinets you’ll need. If you are just getting started and need our help, follow the steps in the following section and allow our pros to design your kitchen at no charge to you. 

free 3d design


First download our guide document, where you will find out how to carefully measure your space and allow our team to design your kitchen. 



After you fill out guide and finish the sketch head over to the “FREE 3D design” section.



Tips on corner and appliance cabinets

Please read the guide for cabinets you may have questions on.

ABCabinetry offers two types of base corner cabinets. The Lazy Susan is a fully functional cabinet with bi-folding doors. The rotating interior shelf spins and grants access to your cooking items while providing an esthetic look. The Blind Base Corner cabinet offers one drawer on top and a door underneath which opens up to a shelf that may be used to house medium to large cookware. 

ABCabinetry offers two types of wall corner cabinets. The Wall Diagonal Corner has a door that sits at a 45 degree angle and opens up to two shelves which may be used to house your small sized cookware and glass. The WDC also comes in a glass option which offers an esthetic appearance. The Wall Blind Corner cabinet sits at a 90 degree angle and opens up to two shelves used to house your less-needed kitchen items.

There is a few options for secure and pleasant placement of microwaves. The most common placement is over the range with a microwave/vent combo. This combination would be installed directly into a cabinet over the range. The cabinet needed would be the same width as your range with a height of 12″-30″ which will greatly depend on the adjacent wall cabinets and your ceiling height. Over the range bridge cabinet will commonly be about 16-18″ shorter than the adjacent wall cabinetry.

If you wish to have your microwave sit inside a wall cabinet we have an option for that as well. Our 30″ wide microwave wall cabinets will house a 27″ or less wide microwave. The appliance will be placed onto a shelf that is 15″ deep and trimmed with moldings provided by the manufacturer or left alone as your typical on-counter microwave would sit. Microwave wall cabinets can be found on our site under “built in appliance cabinets”.

Microwave base cabinets are also available at ABCabinetry. These cabinets come in widths of 30″ or 33″ and will house 27″ or 30″ microwaves respectively. The microwave would sit on a 22″ deep shelf and can be trimmed with manufacturer trim or left alone as your typical on-counter microwave would sit. These cabinets can be found on our site under “base cabinets”.

If you choose to have a cabinet above your refrigerator you have two options. You may do a 12″ deep wall cabinet in the same width as your fridge and a variable height of 12″-24″ (check how much clearance from ceiling to top of fridge). These cabinets do not require fridge panels as they will be the same depth as your other wall cabinets.

If you wish to go for a more custom look, a 24″ deep wall refrigerator cabinet will suit well. These cabinets cover most of the fridge top and will require fridge panels on each exposed side. If you have a wall on one side of your fridge, you may only need one panel. The panels are needed because the 24″ deep cabinet will be out of line with the other 12″ deep cabinetry, creating an unsightly seam. Panels also assist in the installation of the 24″ deep cabinet, as it will be secured directly onto the panel. Please note each fridge panel takes up 1.5″ of space.


Our cabinets come ready to assemble, meaning they will arrive at your household in boxes that will need to be unboxed and assembled. For video visual examples of how your cabinets will be assembled, please contact us. All of our cabinetry comes with instructions on how to assemble. Once an order is shipped, you will receive an email with YouTube links of how to assemble videos that you may familiarize yourself prior to receiving the order. You will need some tools to assemble your new cabinetry. They consist of: