How To Make an Accurate Floor Plan for Your Kitchen

How To Make an Accurate Floor Plan for Your Kitchen

Is your kitchen in need of an upgrade? One of the best ways to give your kitchen a great new look is with new cabinetry. However, finding the perfect cabinets takes some thought and research. One surefire way to find the products you need is by creating a layout sketch of your kitchen. It might seem daunting if you’ve never done it before, but the process can be both simple and rewarding if you follow the right steps. Learn how to make an accurate floor plan for your kitchen with this thorough guide.

Use Complete and Accurate Measurements

The most important part of creating an accurate floor plan is to measure everything. Accurate measurements allow you to find the perfect dimensions for your new cabinets. It will also help you create a to-scale plan, making designing and planning even easier. Start with the dimensions of the room itself, including the walls’ length and the ceiling height. As you sketch out your kitchen’s shape and layout, jot down these measurements along with any variables, such as a higher or lower ceiling in one part of the room. Next, measure variables like windows, doors, and walkways. Now that you have an accurate layout of the room, you can move on to measuring your appliances. Consider details such as how big you want your sink cabinet to be or how much space you have for over-fridge cabinets.

Picture Your Ideal Space

Once you have the outline of your kitchen on paper, along with precise measurements, it’s time to picture your ideal space. Ask yourself questions about your desired layout, appliances, and design details. Do you have or want any special moldings in the room? Is there a kitchen island? Do you have a built-in space for your microwave or other appliances? Be sure to include these and any other relevant details on your plan. Also, write down notes about the type of home or room you’re working in. Are you leaning toward modern design or a more traditional look? Is there a lot of natural light? Consider functional details like airflow and the location of plumbing and wiring. All these specifications are crucial in designing a functional and fashionable kitchen for your home.

Extra Tips and Tricks

The clearer your sketch is, the easier it will be to turn that design into reality. Always be sure to double- or even triple-check your measurements before writing them down. It also helps to use graph paper for your sketch. Keep your kitchen’s function in mind as you create your design. Lighting, airflow, walkways, and workspaces should be a priority in your layout.

Once you know how to make an accurate floor plan for your kitchen, you can send that design to ABCabinetry for a free 3D kitchen design. With your clear vision and our expertise, we can help you find cabinets that will fit perfectly in your new kitchen. Whether you’re creating your design or already know exactly what you want from our collection of online ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets, ABCabinetry is here to help you make your dream kitchen a reality.