You’ve chosen to invest for your home or project with ABCabinetry, follow the guide below to see what you may expect next from our company.

01 Delivery
02 Assembly
03 Replacements
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In summary, our lead time is 1-3 weeks from order to delivery of cabinetry. Once your order ships, you are provided with an e-mail containing the freight carrier and tracking information. Coordination is made between customer and freight company regarding delivery time. Cabinets are delivered and assembly takes place.


Please make sure you or someone 18 years or older is present to accept the cabinet order. The ready to assemble cabinets are solid and heavy, we recommend two people present at the time of delivery. The freight company will make one attempt to deliver the order, if for any reason they cannot, you may be responsible for added delivery fees proposed by them. If you need the order ASAP, please contact the freight company with the tracking number we provide, doing this will ensure a quicker delivery.

Ensure you have a dry and accessible area to accept the order. The freight company will not deliver the items inside the house, they will however deliver them to a garage if it is easily accessible. If your delivery area is not easily accessed by a semi truck (in most cases box truck) the driver may have to unload your order curbside, you will be responsible for moving the items to your desired location.

If the order is sizable, the freight personnel MAY ask for your help unloading the order, please be considerate in these situations. Please note most boxes are 50-100 pounds. The freight company will not unbox your order or bring it into your home, that is your responsibility. 

Prior to freight personnel departure inspect the order and ensure it is yours, if any faults arise such as damage to the exterior of the boxes note this on the drivers shipping slip and make sure they are aware, take a copy of the shipping slip and take any pictures of the pallet accordingly. Do not refuse the package for any reason unless it is not YOUR cabinets, even if visible damage is obvious. The cabinets are reinforced inside with foam, even if visible damage is seen, it does not mean the interior is damaged.


Assembly takes roughly 10-30 min. per cabinet. Two people are advisable for this process. All the items needed to assemble a cabinet come packed within each unit. This will include screws, hinges and brackets. The tools needed for assembly are owned by most households. They include screwdrivers, wood glue and a power drill.


Downloadable PDF instructions are available on our website under the “Assembly” tab. In addition, we do have some videos found on the same page along with screenshots of each step. Most cabinets, excluding Lazy Susan and Oven Cabinet are assembled similar. Once you understand how to do one, the rest should flow well.

Some tools/materials are needed to assemble your new cabinets.

-Box Cutter Knife, Rubber Hammer, Screwdrivers (large and small advised.), Power Drill, Wood Glue.

Compressor and nail gun with 18 gauge 1″-1.5″ nails is advisable for a truly strengthened cabinet. However, this step is not obligatory.


The need for replacements seldomly happens, when it does, we take care of it. Rest assured ABCabinetry firmly stands behind our policies and will replace any damaged, missing or wrong items on your cabinet order.

Please go through your whole order and assemble the cabinets. If in the process you notice any damages that undermine the strength and durability of the cabinet, along with defects that are visible to the eye when installed, please stop. Take a picture of the specific item, write down which part is damaged and on which cabinet the damage has taken place. For example (R side panel on SW-B12 cabinet). Continue your assembly process of all other cabinets.

At the end, write us an e-mail that includes (name the order was processed under, pictures of damaged items, specific parts and quantities of items that need replacement.) We will write back to confirm the replacement needs and send the final list to the warehouse for packing. Your replacements should ship 5-7 business days after the claim has been processed.

If you have made a mistake in measurements or any other component of your order please contact us. You may return and swap sizes or colors. Our customer service staff will let you know which address to send your originally boxed and undamaged items to. Please do not send any items back until you have contacted us and we provide you with an address.

You will be responsible for the return shipping along with a 10% restocking fee, 10% of total amount for the items you wish to return or exchange, you will receive your refund after our staff inspects the items for damage. Note in some cases refunds may not appear on your card until 5-15 days after you’ve returned the item.

At ABCabinetry we own all our mistakes, we strive for excellence but mistakes may happen. If we sent you the wrong sizes or a wrong color of cabinetry please contact us immediately. Our staff will investigate the issue and if we are indeed at fault you will get your correct items shipped to you on us, your return of the incorrect item will also be on us!

Next Purchase Discount

We genuinely take pride in helping folks with their kitchen and bath remodel projects. Once you are satisfied and would like to share some before/after pictures, you will be rewarded a coupon that may be used by you, your neighbor or family member. It even makes for a great gift!


Once your project is fully completed, all you have to do is e-mail us FOUR or more well lit pictures showcasing how our cabinets turned out and one BEFORE picture. That is it! We will reply back with a coupon code that may be kept for future purchases, the code will last for 18 months.

Anyone with access to your special coupon may use it, which makes it a great gift. This may be your children, grand children or keep it for yourself and apply when adding storage in another area of the home.

Your coupon is worth for 18 months and when applied to a new order will remove 3% off the subtotal price. For a $5,000 order that is $150 off. This coupon may be combined with others, when we are having sales for additional discount.